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Menu Printing for Restaurants

The Menu Printing Questions You Never Knew Needed Asking

Menu printing for restaurants – especially if you are rebranding or opening a new restaurant or café – needs to be high quality, and right first time. Rival Colour have been doing this for over 20 years, and below are some top tips to help you on your way. 

When thinking about the printing services for your restaurant, café or coffee shop the first thing you might ask yourself is “I don’t know where to start, how can I do this?”

With the excitement of a rebrand or opening you will anticipate a buzzing room full of excited friends and eagerly awaiting guests, as well as potential new customers. Partnering with a well trusted printing company is key, as they will guide you through your printing journey, from promotional material through to menus, and first night VIP invites.

How do I print menus for my restaurant?

Here’s a summary of the key questions that you never knew needed asking:

  • Which paper stocks or grammage should we use for printing our promotional material and menus? 
  • What is grammage in printing and why is it important? 
  • My menus need to look expensive without being expensive, so which paper should we use? 
  • When printing vinyl stickers for windows, will they be reverse print? 
  • How do I create something eye catching, but not in your face? Can I do a mix of digital marketing and printed?

How do I print menus for my restaurant?

“People eating food and drinks is a messy business” points out Rival Colour’s Tim Anderson. The use of laminated and reusable printed materials in the restaurant industry is therefore key – there is even a plastic material called Never Tear that goes in the dishwasher! 

“Never Tear is amazing, and of course a little more expensive, but everything will last much longer, and they can be used again and again,” notes Tim. Rival Colour helps steer restaurant owners and marketing teams towards the answers they are looking for, such as: 

“How many printed restaurant menus will we need?” 
“Will the design of the printed menus and banners reflect my vision?”

Many clients feel that laminated menus are not quite the look they are going for, so if you are thinking disposable, then you will be looking at:

  • Printed Menu paper that is uncoated and recyclable
  • The thickness of the paper – thicker paper is more expensive – but you don’t want it to look cheap. 

It’s tweaks like these that may make all the difference to both how your table settings look and therefore the overall feel of you brand. 

Additional print media branding, such as bespoke printed vinyl stickers for windows, where they are printing on the reverse and placed inside the window will help make them last and reduce their chances of getting damaged. Our experts have answered these questions time and time again, and will guide you through what will work best for you. 

Take a look at Rival Colour’s case study for The Stable Pizza, where we successfully delivered printed food menus, printed beer mats and vinyl sticker printing for windows.

Rival Colour recommends a face-to-face meeting to talk over ideas, and once we have your graphic design, printed materials can be turned around within 24 hours, with samples being offered for your approval first. 

Once on file, alterations can be made on demand; perhaps when a menu is updated, maybe for a promotional night, or special event, or when you become so popular you need to put your prices up! Your amended version can be printed and with you on the next day. 

Best Printers for printing menus

Finally, Tim at Rival Colour talks us through the stages from initial graphic design to print.

  1. Get the design right – something you are happy with. Then you can work on the sizes (of menus, promotional flyers etc), and voila – you’ve got your branded assets
  2. Choose what you’re going to print on. We will of course advise you on this, and can send samples in the post, but we would really recommend coming in to make your final paper choice. Once you are all ready to go, we stock it on the shelf ready for your final decision.
  3. Place the order. This includes the size of the print run, what quantities and specifics, and then it will be printed and delivered. 

Easy as 1,2,3!

To get your cost free estimate for your menu and restaurant printing, simply click on the button below, give us your basic details and we will call you back within one day. Good luck.