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“Great staff and service, their prices are competitive, quality is second to none, they give great advice on how to get the most out of the print projects I send them and they always deliver on time.”
David RobertsInternationally Renowned Children’s Book Illustrator, Dr. Illustration

Artists and illustrators know that it is extremely difficult to match the colours of their original work for reproduction in print. So, when using watercolours, pencils, inks, and other formats, it is extremely important for artists and illustrators to be able to work with a printing company that can get the colour and detail as close to the original work as possible. David, AKA Dr. Illustration, is an award-winning children’s book illustrator and uses Rival Colour for his printing services in London.

Dr Illustration's The Printing Challenge

In 2020, during lockdown, David urgently needed to get some scans completed as his regular printers in SoHo had unfortunately closed. David’s publisher, Macmillan, recommended Rival and the relationship blossomed from there. David says: “One of the brilliant things about Rival Colour is that they actually come and collect the artwork, take it away, then deliver it back in person. This is really important to me as I cannot risk my work getting damaged or lost on its way to be scanned. When you’ve spent a year or more on your artwork, to put it in the post is too nerve wracking! With Rival Colour, I put it in my portfolio, hand it over, and it comes back in a couple of days. Brilliant.”

Print Scanning Services, What We Delivered

For David’s most recent publication, Bathe the Cat, the work was more challenging as the artwork being scanned was A3 in size for larger double page spreads. Added to that, the colours being used were neon pinks, yellows and oranges which are very difficult colours to get right. But thanks to Rival’s expertise we were able to successfully able to replicate the original vibrant colours.

Working with Rival Colour

When Rival Colour’s owner Nick parked his car at David’s house for the first time to collect his artwork, David explained that he’s a Liverpudlian and we ‘love a chat’.  Nick laughed and replied: “Well that’s great, as I’m a Cockney and we love a chat too.” The relationship started there and David went on to say that in a digital world engagement with real people is increasingly more important. David says that “less business talk, a friendly face and a chat makes the world go round.” Now isn’t that a colourful picture that deserves to be illustrated.

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