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Litho Printing

Personalised litho printing

Our litho printing is carried out using our top-of-the range, four colour (CMYK) digital offset Presstek 34DI printing press. 

We treat each job with great care as though we were printing it for ourselves. Being the longest-running printers in Greenwich, our dependable and highly experienced team members know what “good” colour looks like. We bring your words and colours to life and are adept at litho printing many top-quality products, including:


Our litho printing services will brilliantly emblaze your poster design onto printed material. And we can do this cost-effectively and quickly

Booklets (magazines, brochures, catalogues)

Our professional team produces booklets using several different techniques, including saddle stitching, square-sewn binding, and perfect binding.

Saddle stiching – a popular bookbinding method – is used to produce, with impeccable precision, high-quality booklets, including magazines and brochures, at competitive rates. As its name suggests, saddle stitching sees long wire staples used to carefully “stitch” the paper together. This technique is an excellent way to produce fresh, hot-off-the-press, high quality material that will captivate and engage your customers. We also use the square-sewn binding method, which sees the spine flattened to create a professional, square shape. Furthermore, the perfect bound method uses glue rather stiches to carefully bind the pages. 


We believe that stationery design is a key element in your business identity. To maintain a strong corporate identity, you need professionally designed stationery. Business cards may be the first tool used to represent your business, but all types of stationery can be utilised to portray your image. Letters will be used to start and maintain contact with clients, so letterheads are a perfect way of capturing their attention and supplying them with all your contact details.


Inserts are the perfect way to place your promotional message into the market quickly and cost effectively. Rival Colour can meet your demand for promotional inserts – whether you need a small supply of single page DL (99mm x 210mm) fliers or a large quantity of speciality die cuts – namely, flyers that are an unusual shape, such as a circle. We have the equipment and experience to match all your printing needs.

What is offset litho printing?

This is a traditional printing process that offers a superior print quality. The term ‘litho’ is short for lithographic or lithography – a trusted method that sees the image burned onto a metal plate and then transferred (offset) from the plate to a rubber blanket – which is moved onto the printing surface to produce a stunning, high-resolution print. 

Generally, the printing is carried out using the standard four-colour process, which sees the artwork separated onto four different printing plates, with each plate printing a specific single colour – cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). We also offer our customers the more economical (yet stylish) option of using fewer colours (and therefore fewer plates). 

Because of the high-quality results, litho is particularly suitable for the reproduction of fine art illustrations and picture books.

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