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Printing Services for Festivals and Live Music - Glastonbury Festival


Rival have always been extremely flexible in the production of the Glastonbury programme. It’s a live event so things change constantly and with over 2000 performers, it’s essential we get all of the detail correct which they always go out of their way to make sure happens.

Dave HendersonGlastonbury Festival, Magazine Publisher

The Glastonbury festival needs no introduction and Dave Henderson has been responsible for the publication of its magazine and programme for 20+ years, working with Rival Colour every year since 1997 for its production.

The Glastonbury Festival, THE Ultimate Printing Challenge

Eco friendly printing is essential for Glastonbury, and that means recycled paper, inks that limit any environmental harm, and laser-focused logistics. New environmentally friendly printing solutions come thick and fast, and Dave says that the easiest thing for him to do is “ring up Rival and say: ‘this is what we need’” and pass the challenge onto us. Environmentally friendly printing is a challenge that we welcome with open arms for any of our clients.
To further add to this challenge, everything for Glastonbury needs to be completed in a cost-effective way as its profits go to its charities such as Greenpeace, Water Aid and Oxfam.

Festival Printing Services, What We Deliver

More than 100 people are involved in contributing to the 104-page, perfect bound printed magazine so it’s essential that we get it right. The Glastonbury team will handle over the PDFs and in their words we “sprinkle magic dust*” to make it look amazing. Once finalised, the work goes to print and then it’s essential that it is also delivered in an eco-friendly way. As anyone who’s been to the festival will testify, it’s going to rain! So, some plastic sheeting is necessary, but the logistics are more important, so we deliver at specific times, and in unique ways to avoid any spoilage and soggy programmes.

Working with Rival Colour on the Glastonbury Festival

Key to the production of this magazine is flexibility. At the last minute something will change, like when Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters fell off stage in Sweden and broke his leg two weeks before the festival and a new headliner was added (that was Florence and the Machine by the way, might win you a pop quiz one day!). When things like this happen, Rival Colour always rises to the challenge.

We asked Dave (Henderson, not Grohl) if he had any stories to tell of working with Rival, “ironically, none that can be printed” he said. Then he remembered one year at the Q Awards…

Tim from Rival was dropping off some proofs for me at the Q awards. He offered me a drink and I just pointed in despair at the massive queue. “Don’t worry” he said. Tim ran off and came back a couple of minutes later with a round of gin and tonics. Dave said, “To this day I still don’t know how he pulled that off. Rival can deliver drinks and print faster than anyone else!”

*Note, no magic dust was used in the development of this case study. Read our other case studies and read our reviews.

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